Briefly in English

Dear residents in Vuorikatu 6,

We hope this guide helps us all in increasing the comfort of living in our housing company. We have gathered the following information about the basic guidelines and rules. Please dont hesitate to contact the board members or house manager in case you have any questions or doubts.

House manager, maintenance company and move-in forms

House manager: Mr Juha Urasto
tel. +358 (0)10 838 5101.


Kiinteistöpalvelu Kurkiaura Oy

+358 50 512 5185 | kurkiaura(at)
Pietarinkatu 14 | 00140 Helsinki


When moved in, the notification can be made
a) on the internet:
b) at any post office
c) by phone +358 (0)203456456
The maintenance company has to be informed of the move-in as well.


There’s a registering camera surveillance at the premises of Vuorikatu 6.

The locks of the apartments can’t be changed without a permission from the house manager.

Please remember to make sure that the gate is closed properly always when going out or in. Especially in winter the lock of the gate can freeze and the fence wont close automatically. The maintenance company has to be notified every time there’s a problem with closing of the gates.


There’s a storage for every apartment in the cellar floor of the buildings A and B and on the ground floor of the building C. For fire safety it’s forbidden to leave anything on the corridors. The items found on the corridors will be removed by the maintenance company.

Waste management

The waste management room is located in the building C and the entrance is from the yard using the same key taht you use to enter your apartment. More information on sorting the waste can be found in the waste management room. Every resident in Vuorikatu has to follow the sorting rules in detail.

The room being small, make sure to fold cardboard boxes to prevent the premature filling of the dustbins.

It’s severely forbidden to place any electronical devices or other problem waste to the dustbins!

It’s forbidden to leave waste on the floor of the waste management room.

It’s forbidden to leave old furniture or renovation waste to the housing company’s waste room. More information on waste management and sorting can be founf on the site


It’s forbidden to leave cigarette butts on the yard. Please drop them in the waste bins located in the yard.

Smoking in the corridors is forbidden.


Parking is forbidden in the inner yard.


It’s forbidden to take the pets out in the premises of the housing company.

Renovations and faults in the apartments

The house manager has to be informed always when planning a major renovation in the apartment. A working plan of the renovation needs to be delivered to and accepted by the board of the housing company. In the event of water damage, leaking taps etc. the owner or occupant of the apartment has to inform the house management immediately.


Disorderly conduct that distrurbs other rsidents is not allowed. Any kind of noise is to be avoided between 10pm and 7am.

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